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Founded in 2017, Devfied is an IT company with a proven track record of delivering top-notch software solutions. We completely understand that every business is unique and different, which is why we tailor our software solutions to your particular needs and aspirations. Our team of experts have substantial industry experience with the latest technical skills. We have streamlined our process, starting with understanding, followed by precise design and expert execution. "Crafting software solutions for success" is our commitment to building technology that accelerates your business forward. With our unwavering dedication to your success, we are the partner you want to reach your technology goals.

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Inspiring innovation through digital empowerment.

Our vision is to be the catalyst for a global shift towards digital empowerment, where every individual has the tools and resources to pursue entrepreneurship and drive innovation. We envision a world where borders are no longer barriers, and ideas flow freely, nurtured by digital technologies. Through our platform, we aim to democratize entrepreneurship, making it accessible to all, regardless of background or location. By empowering individuals with the skills and support needed to thrive in the digital economy, we seek to unleash a wave of creativity and innovation that will shape the future of business and society.

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Mosfaqus Salehin

CPO, Petluvs

‘’Devfied has launched and maintained a mobile app for my pet care company. They integrated new features, hosted the app, and enhanced its front- and backend. Their quality, skill, and price point are impressive.”


Ryan Shephered

CEO, TakeTalker

‘’Devfied's team is proactive and reactive, ensuring good collaboration with the client. Devfied is professional and communicates with the client via email and virtual meetings. Devfied showcases an impressive ability to issue new builds quickly after fixing bugs.”

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